My name is Joe Heavner (“Joseph R. Heavner” professionally), and this is my blog devoted to STEM and related subjects. I am a mathematician at heart, but I have a lot of interest in other fields. Primarily, I will be posting about mathematics, mathematical physics, and other theoretical sciences, e.g., economics or computational biology. While it is unlikely I will ever discuss experimental design and the like in any detail, science is ultimately empirical, and so from time to time I will still discuss experimental matters as well, which are at least as important as the theory. Philosophy and the like may also feature here from time to time; for some, this may seem a bit odd, but I would contend it is actual quite natural.

I am an eighteen year old mathematics student at the University of Maryland: College Park. My primary research interests are, broadly, arithmetic geometry and the mathematical underpinnings of string theory, or specifically, anableian geometry (arithmetic deformation theory) and mirror symmetry (T-duality). I am a freshmen with junior standing, and I will mostly be taking graduate mathematics courses, some Honors seminars, and some sit-ins in physics and the like. I hold an A.S. degree in mathematics, physics, and biology from Hagerstown Community College, where I was a part of the second graduating class of the STEMM Technical Middle College. While at HCC, I did quite a few things, including worked as a tutor, led the STEM Club, participated in and planned the Student Mathematics Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament (2015 & 2016), and served as SGA President. I even managed to take some additional classes outside my majors while there.

My academic background is somewhat unorthodox in that until recently, I was largely self-taught. I became truly interested in learning and research as a child, around age seven, and so I independently studied  mathematics, science, medicine, political science, linguistics, law, and more from then on, with a noticeable gap of a few years in the middle. I am not an expert in anything, but I know some areas quite well and others to some degree, and I hope to continue learning more as well as adding to the literature myself.

Because of my many interests, I have more than one blog. Currently, there are three: Abstract and Theoretical (STEM, especially theoretical and mathematical STEM), Our Complex Reality, and Personal Blog (self-explanatory). I also write on Quora, where I have an inactive blog. I may eventually create a language and linguistics or social sciences and humanities blog as well.

Additional professional details, e.g., academic awards and publications, can be found on LinkedIn as well as my personal site.


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